Meet the Authors

Sherry Klinger


Sherry Klinger, founder of The Klinger Group (TKG), is an accomplished public relations and marketing strategist, entrepreneur, and consultant who is known for her ability to take companies in diverse industries from startup to global recognition. She was a co- founder of Medicus Formulas, the wellness company that produced the BioSlim All Natural Weight Loss Systems. She was co-creator and co-producer  of the historic BioSlim infomercial, which author Richard Romando called “one of the most successful weight-loss infomercials ever produced.” Klinger designed and was at the helm of the BioSlim PR launch, and within a year of its strategic product  introduction, BioSlim became one of the leading weight-loss programs in America. It remains at the forefront of the industry today. Klinger’s cookbook, The BioSlim Food Preparation Guide and Cookbook, sold more than one million copies internationally.

Klinger’s signature success story often begins with an entrepreneur, a manufacturer,  an inventor, or an aspiring philanthropist – someone with an extravagant dream and a product  or service to be launched. Klinger has built and branded recognized names in the worlds of fashion and beauty. She has publicized top entertainers and music industry  executives; authors; physicians; food and beverage manufacturers; health and fitness experts; nonprofit organizations and charities; and executives in the automotive and travel industries,  among others.  Following several high-profile campaigns, she was twice honored  by the mayor of Los Angeles for her role in bringing international  recognition to Los Angeles- based businesses.

As an entrepreneur and patent-holding inventor,  Klinger understands the specific needs of business owners. She advises entrepreneurs on every aspect of starting a business and consults with established companies that can benefit from branding through strategic PR. She analyzes companies’ current  PR and marketing practices, places her clients on the path to increased sales, and crafts an image that positions them for maximum exposure through every form of media, from traditional to new media.



Wendy P. Basil


Wendy P. Basil, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Los Angeles and Ventura counties.  She earned her doctorate  in Clinical  Psychology at Pacifica Graduate  Institute and  her  master ’s  degree  in Communications Management at the USC Annenberg School for Communications and Journalism.

As an educator, Dr. Basil has taught courses in neuromarketing for advertising and public relations, brain and behaviorial sciences/neuropsychology, social psychology, learning theory/cognitive psychology, and mass communications,  media images, and culture,  among other subjects. She has worked extensively with all branches of the military as a counselor and educator.

Dr. Basil worked with The Klinger Group in publicity and later joined Halstead Communications, where she became executive vice president and then co-owner. Eventually she and her partner sold the agency to Omnicom Worldwide, a leading international advertising and PR firm, and she then embarked upon her training in clinical psychology.

Dr. Basil has served as a marketing and PR consultant to educational institutions and in the public and private sectors for more than fifteen years. She has led publicity efforts for several public relations and advertising agencies, representing major corporations and nonprofits from Johnson & Johnson to the American Cancer Society. She has headed teams that have won public relations industry awards for product introductions, media relations, national media tours for authors and experts, community relations, special events, custom publications,  and crisis management.  Dr. Basil has received international awards for her work in global relief and children’s welfare, coordinating  media worldwide. Dr. Basil is also a media psychologist and psycho-demographic research consultant  and a motivational and professional coach.