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  • We are an award-winning expert business-media psychologist and PR strategist team. And we've developed an award-winning breakthrough method for applying psychology combined with PR strategies to create dynamic business content that SELLS.
  • We call this super-effective brain-centric PR “In-Depth Public Relations” — comprising principles that can turn entrepreneurs into heroes and companies into beloved institutions.
  • Drawing from the latest research in brain science and neuromarketing, our technique of “In-Depth Public Relations” can give the same competitive edge for which larger companies pay extraordinary dollars.

Sherry Klinger is a top public relations expert and branding consultant who co-created this new field of public relations.

Dr. Wendy Basil, PhD, is a business and media psychologist and professor of neuromarketing and media psychology who co-created this new field of public relations.

  • We apply psychology to craft strategic biographies and other content that can trigger positive responses on a level that only a psychologist and expert media strategist can do.

As a business, your success begins with your core story.  The content we create for you will be the irresistible centerpiece of all your media messages — including every imaginable venue: press releases, brochures, websites, social media, and all other marketing/branding tools.

But we are much more than writers/content creators.  We are brand strategists.  We position your story in a way that can directly and powerfully influence the behavior of your target market.  We know how to use words that can push the "buy button" in your audience's mind.

How do we do it?  

  • First, we analyze your business concept to find and hone the distinctive aspects that will make you special.  
  • Next, we strategize as a team, focusing on your brand and how to maximize its success.  
  • Then we oversee the creation of YOUR content — focusing on brand strategy, media and market psychology, and most of all: OUR GOAL OF RESULTS FOR YOU.

Remember: WE WROTE THE BOOK ON MARKETING SUCCESS!  SPINOLOGY: Transform Your Media Spin Into Business Gold is an award-winning book — and its breakthrough principles will be applied to your business to create the success you're looking for.  We created this high-powered new method of public relations and it works!.

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