Ask Yourself...

Are you promoting your business or clients’ businesses the old fashioned way?

Are your media campaigns no longer getting the results they used to?

Are you an entrepreneur who has a great new product, but few people know about it?

Do you wonder why some products become well-loved brands when similar products wither
and die?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then our programs are for you!

In today’s changing world, businesses cling to old methods of marketing that are no longer effective. Co-Authors Sherry Klinger, PR Branding Expert, and Wendy Basil, Ph.D., Clinical and Media Psychologist, have created an entirely new field of brain-based PR branding which is featured in their current book, Spinology™: Transform Your Media Spin Into Business Gold.  This unique Psychologist/Publicist Team combines traditional and new media PR techniques with psychological principles to create strategic campaigns that motivate the media and your buying audience to respond in an emotionally positive way. Sherry Klinger and Wendy Basil can show you how to create “Mindshare” at a time when brand loyalty is disappearing.

The following programs are structured around this breakthrough method, “In-Depth Public Relations™", commonly referred to as "Spinology".

Whether you are looking for a short-term program for success or a more intensive training program, Klinger and Basil offer the right brand-enhancement service for you.

Edward Bernays, Father of Spin and Freud's Nephew  

Edward Bernays, Father of Spin and Freud's Nephew


Uncle Sigmund Freud

Uncle Sigmund Freud


Featuring the In-Depth Public Relations Index (i-dpri)

Also includes SPINOLOGY 

Marketing Research Services and Neuromarketing Techniques




Program 1: Essential Tool Box

The Strategic Brain-Based Press Kit Utilizing Neuromarketing Techniques

Development of a unique Press Kit positioned with a psychological narrative for use across marketing platforms, using In-Depth Public Relations™ techniques.

Service Includes - 

  • Interview with client  
  • Extensive review of any existing materials through an In-Depth™ psychological lens
  • An overview of your brand, product, service, or company 
  • Strategically written biography, fact sheet, and executive profile

Press Kit Contains –

  • Strategically written biography
  • Product/Service Fact Sheet
  • CEO/President Profile
  • Select supporting documents: Photos, Testimonials, Articles, Awards

Optional Add-On –

  • Media pitch letter to introduce Press Kit
  • One hour of PR consultation

Terms –

  • Completion expected at 30-60 days, dependent upon client availability.
  • Rush Program available.  Please inquire.

 Program 2: In-Depth Observation, Analysis, and Blueprint

Step-By-Step Enhanced PR Campaign Plan

Detailed observational research, including written analysis and a strategically crafted outline by our Psychologist/Publicist Team for your PR branding campaign.  Upon completion, you will receive a comprehensive analysis of your current status and a step-by-step guide with project recommendations for taking your campaign to the next level.

Service Includes 

  • Examination of your existing PR practices, product, or service
  • Informational interview with CEO, President, or company-selected executive
  • In-Depth Analysis using findings based upon the Team’s observation and psychological and PR expertise
  • A step-by-step written blueprint for your implementation
  • All analyses and written reports include the application of the Klinger-Basil I-DPR Index™
  • 1 hour of post consultation with Psychologist/Publicist tea


  • Startup Businesses: Completion expected at 30-45 days, dependent upon client availability
  • Established Businesses: Completion expected at 60 days, dependent upon client availability
  • Rush Programs available. Please enquire.

Program 3:  On-Site Intensive PR Consulting (One Day)

Gain Insight Into What Works – And What Doesn’t Work – About Your PR Campaigns.

Service Includes –

  • Intensive one day, on-site interactive consulting
  • Overview of current PR and branding status
  • Consulting for your new or existing PR campaigne
  • Includes a combination of interview, overall observations, review of materials and verbal consultation on how to improve or create your custom PR Branding strategies

Terms –

  • Total of six hours during one business day

Program 4: In-Depth Individual Consulting Packages (Monthly)

Benefit From One-On-One Consultations With Our Psychologist/Publicist Experts

Service Includes –

  • Guaranteed availability in person, via phone or Skype
  • Topics for consultation open to client
  • Forum for questions, answers, and brainstorming

Terms –

  • Four (one) hour sessions per month. Minimum of one month. 
  • Special Packages apply.  Please inquire.

Program 5:  One-on-One Consultation (Hourly)

Personalized, One-On-One Consultation With Our Psychologist/Publicist Experts

Service Includes –

  • Hourly PR Consultation
  • Topics for consultation determined by client

Terms –

  • No hourly minimum

Program 6:  On-Site Group Coaching and Motivation (Four Weekly Sessions)

Benefit from Group Interaction, Goal Setting, and Accountability with Psychologist/Publicist Experts

Service Includes –

  • Group and individual discussion of existing challenges 
  • Weekly goal development and monitoring
  • Brainstorming facilitated by our Psychologist/Publicist Team
  • Learn from group insights and experiences

Terms –

  • Four weeks, one session per week
  • 90 minutes per session

Program 7: In-Depth Strategic Brain-Based Publicity Training Course (Five Weeks)

Learn Hands On From Our In-Depth PR™ Publicist And Psychology Experts In A Teaching Environment

Service Includes –

  • Training to learn how to apply psychological In-Depth PR™ techniques to new or existing business ventures for maximum media potential, using the book Spinology™ as a guide
  • Classroom discussions and brainstorming using real-life campaigns as models
  • Gain valuable insight through group discussions

Terms –

  • Five week program for new and experienced publicists, entrepreneurs, inventors, authors, brand managers, communication managers
  • One session a week
  • Courses to be held evenings or weekends in off-site facility
  • 90 minutes per session
  • Minimum five, maximum 15 people

Program 8:  In-house PR Department Development Project

Have Your Own In-House PR Branding Department Set Up By Our Psychologist/Publicist Experts and Earn Publicity Like The Pros

Creation of an in-house PR Department from scratch; setup systems and train your company designated personnel for best implementation practices.

Service Includes –

  • Overview of business and PR practices by Psychologist/Publicist team
  • Create a strategic PR plan suited to your existing business for your new in-house department to carry out
  • Develop all press materials
  • Develop targeted market media lists in all of your categories
  • Coach your in-house PR spokesperson using In-Depth PR principles
  • Consultation about how to utilize your in-house PR department
  • Additional consultation of one hour per week for eight weeks upon completion of PR Department development

Terms –

  • 60-120 days expected development time.  
  • Rush programs available. Please inquire.
  • Post In-House Department Creation Follow-up. One hour per consecutive week or special time arrangements for eight consecutive weeks

Press Materials –

  • A biography written and strategically positioned by our Psychologist/Publicist team
  • Media pitch cover letters
  • Media pitches and angles
  • Fact sheet of product
  • Fact sheet of executive
  • Press releases

Program 9:   Special Project On-Site PR Team Manager

Temporary On-Site Management Of Your In-House PR Department For Special Projects, Events Or Overload

For agencies with short-term or time-sensitive projects that need the additional staff manager, strategic or creative assistance, from our expert Psychologist/ Publicist Expert/s at any point during the campaign.  Also for individuals or companies that need a one-time, short-term boost in creativity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Service Includes –

  • Overview of your current PR standing by our Psychologist/Publicist team
  • Analysis of your current PR materials and consultation with your PR team
  • Temporary management of PR Department or special project –
    • Set individual and group goals
    • Facilitate creative and strategic direction for campaign
    • Direct operations and ensure a smooth campaign
    • Other services available, depending upon campaign needs

Terms –

  • Depending upon project. Please inquire for details.

Program 10:  Seminars and Speaking Engagements

Our Psychologist/Publicist Team Is Available To Speak To Groups Including Businesses, Associations, Media And More

Terms –

  • Please inquire