Praise for Spinology


A fun and fast read that will change your business in ways you probably can’t imagine. I know, because I’ve worked with the authors for years—and the results have been absolutely incredible! And isn’t that what it’s all about? Getting results? When it comes to that, I don’t know of any PR or marketing method—at ANY price—that’s as amazingly and rapidly effective as the ones described in this book. The authors’ new field of public relations and branding, what they call “In-Depth Public Relations” is genius.

I had the honor and pleasure of joining the authors on a speaking panel discussing the challenges and opportunities available to branding specialists in this constantly changing world of media platforms. I can personally say they are media psychology specialists as well as branding and PR experts who have created a new field, which maximizes media exposure using psychological techniques. If you want cutting edge insights on how to create a campaign that’s both smart and memorable you must read Spinology. If you want to be the best, learn from the best!
Five-time New York Times bestselling author
Speaker and Pop Culture Historian

Spinology came at just the right time. Marketing and branding are the power tools of business in today’s world, but where do you begin? Read this book and you will certainly find out!
Songwriter’s Hall of Fame Inductee, 2013

I fully endorse Sherry Klinger and the book, Spinology. I have worked with Sherry for several years. She has a keen awareness of how to call attention  to any idea and make people care about it. Besides my personal experience with Sherry, I watched as she worked with a friend of mine and got him so much media coverage that I was astounded.  She is highly creative and intelligent, and knows how to trigger anyone’s creativity in developing his or her own unique brand. I have benefited immensely from her work by having her bring my poems and songs to others. I recommend Spinology for those who are serious about carving out a niche in this world.
Songwriter, The Beach Boys and other groups
Member of the Rock Group YO MA MA
Legendary American Poet

I’ve known Dr. Wendy for several years and we share a special bond in a love of fairy tales and their power to unlock the psyche. With this book, we can wonder—is it wishful thinking  to yearn for a happily ever after or is this hard-wired in our brains?
Behavioral Specialist

Sherry Klinger’s knowledge base and skill at inducing media frenzy over my books was highly instrumental in helping them sell! The information in her new book, Spinology, is KEY to getting the media to sell your product for you!
Author of Hummingbirds Don’t Fly In The Rain, and
The Universe Speaks, A Heavenly Dialogue Books One and Two

As former co-owner and co-founder of The Musicians Institute in Hollywood, I credit Sherry Klinger and her public relations achievements  on behalf of the school for its explosive growth. Through her expertise, we were able to become a household name in the industry and reach a level that no other PR firm came even close to achieving for us. Sherry Klinger had us featured in media everywhere around the world. I recommend reading Spinology to find out just how she has mastered the field of PR and learn all you can from her in this book.
Co-Founder,  The Musicians Institute

I recommend  that you read this book and utilize everything the authors say to do in order to succeed. I did, and that is when my company  became more successful than  I ever dreamed.  These authors have their fingers on the pulse of what moves a good PR campaign into a great PR campaign with unlimited potential. This is a must read for entrepreneurs, authors,  inventors,  publicists, branding  managers, CEOs and anyone else who wants to learn how to grow their business fast and furious!

Dr. Wendy Basil presented  to our group their new approach for community outreach using psychological techniques that draw people close. “Dr. Wendy” is a clinician, a researcher, a writer and a branding consultant.  She taught us a lot about how the stories we tell and the images we prefer form an “emotional signature” that explain who we are.
Clinical Psychologist